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Clothes Moth
There are two types of clothes moths, case making and webbing.  Case making adults measure up to 14 mm from wing tip to wing tip and both wings are long and narrow. The body and wings are buff to golden color with brownish tinge, except for 3 dark spots on each wing. The larvae of this moth carries its silken case wherever it goes. A webbing clothes moth adult measures up to 12 mm from wing tip to wing tip. Both wings are long and narrow. Wings and body are uniformly buff/golden color except for reddish setae (hairs) on the top of the head. Both types of clothes moths may cause serious damage to materials of animal origin such as feathers, wool, furs, mummified carcasses and piano felts, or to material of plant origin such as tobacco, various herbs, seasonings and assorted plant-based drugs. Clothes moths have world wide distribution and are found throughout Canada and the United States.

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