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Getting rid of Ants usually requires professional attention.  Although sprays and home treatments may provide temporary relief, we highly recommend you call Redline Pest Control as soon as possible so we can permanently get rid of the pests. 

Something You Should Know!  Ants are the #1 pest in the world.  Each colony can grow to more than 1 MILLION strong.  Some can even damage your home.  There are more ants than meet the eye.  For every 100 ants you see in your home, there are an estimated 100,000 that you can't see hiding in your walls or in your floors.  They are 'distance runners' so to speak, sometimes traveling the entire length of a football field, over fences and fields to invade your home. 

Off The Shelf products do not kill all the ants.  Products on TV claim that their product will kill on the spot.  This is true, but only true for the ants that you see.  There are many more behind the walls, and in your floor.

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